I run for…

...me time.  Queue hashtag #runningmummy #runningkeepsmesane cheesy I know.  Well a lot of the time that is true.  Running really does help me, be a better me (look there is another hashtag #bestme) argh...  anyways. Sometimes I run for another reason... to compensate. Let me tell you about the last day of term class picnic.... Continue Reading →


Scale Fear is Real

I can't even step on the scale which is crazy.  I probably weigh less than I did for most of my adult life.  Yet the number that will come back, will be higher than it was a few weeks ago, so for that reason I have to wait, and behave (read: eat and exercise) until... Continue Reading →

A week without…

Chocolate and diet coke are the two brown things are the things that I cannot live without.  I have tried. I went 6 days without either.  It wasn't that bad.  I put my head down and did it.  Every day that passed I felt prouder, a sense that I was doing it, breaking the cycle.... Continue Reading →

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